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Shazam for Computer: Music is the one thing that understands us in every situation. Identifying music playing behind you is one most complicated task especially when it comes to new tracks. Most of us would have made even a debate on who has sung the song. Shazam app will meet all your music needs without any doubt. Although it is a mobile application, you can even use it for your desktop and computer. You may ask why to use Shazam Desktop version when there is a handy mobile device. Of course, you may have it, and at times you may face a situation of not accessing it. There are numerous other reasons as well like you would have connected your smartphone to the charger or there will be no constant internet connection and so on. You can handle such situations too when you have Shazam for Computer. Identify songs from your desktop easily, and Shazam desktop version brings more than this. Find the lyrics of the track you are listening and sing along. Discover and follow artists and their music albums in no time. So all your smartphone features of Shazam are the same in the Shazam for computer version too. You will be getting details about Shazam desktop, steps to download and install Shazam for Computer, and a guide on how to use Shazam on your computer right from this article.

Shazam for Computer

Shazam for Computer

Shazam will find the music playing near you and name the song fastly. You might wonder why to use Shazam on PC and for which the reason varies. At times, you will be using your desktop for your official work or playing games. So you can enjoy Shazam right at that time as it supports multitasking and runs in the background too. Shazam desktop will listen to the music playing on the radio or other sources from the huge collection of music database and lists the song you have searched for along with the artists. You can even listen to the song with the built-in music player. So you can catch the music playing around you right from your computer without ever digging your phone. Access the play tools options to control the music. Watch the videos of the song from the Shazam player from YouTube directly. You can also search for the tracks by typing in the name of the song or artist on the search box.

Shazam is also available for Shazam for iOSShazam Apk for AndroidShazam for iPhone,  Shazam for BlackberryShazam for Windows PhoneShazam for Windows PCShazam for Mac PC and Shazam Online.

Shazam for Computer | Shazam Desktop

Shazam is a mobile platform music-identifying app that also plays the music tracks of different artists and shows you the lyrics of the song to which you are listening. Fortunately, those using the Mac OS and Windows OS can download the Shazam for Mac from the Mac App Store and Microsoft Store directly. But those who don’t meet the system requirement of Shazam app from the respective app store and those who need to use a third-party android emulator to run the Shazam on the desktop can go with this. On following the below guidelines, you will be able to use the Shazam Desktop version on your Windows and Mac PC.

System Requirements To Use the Shazam for Computer

  • Windows Operating System with (Xp/7/8/8.1/10).
  • Administrator access to your computer.
  • Uninterrupted Data connectivity or With Wi-Fi capability.
  • 2 to 4 GB core RAM.
  • Lowest disk space necessities of 5GB.
  • Advanced Graphics card with updated video drivers.

Steps To Download and Install BlueStacks & Shazam on Desktop Computer

BlueStacks is an Android emulator that acts as a bridge in running the Android app on the desktop platforms. There are lots of emulators available, and BlueStacks is the preferable for the following reason. BlueStacks is free, it gives a high level of compatibility and supports multiple windows to run different apps at the same time. Follow the steps to download and install BlueStacks & Shazam for the desktop computer.

Step 1: You must download the BlueStacks Android emulator from its official websites or just click here to directly download the BlueStacks application.

Step 2: Wait until the download gets completed as the BlueStacks file size if little big and it takes quite your time depending on your internet connection.

Step 3: Find the location in which the downloaded file gets stored and click on it to open the BlueStacks, app player.

Step 4: Once after the installation of BlueStacks, you need to provide your Google account details to log in as you are going to download the Shazam Android version for your desktop using the BlueStack player.

Step 5: Go to the search box of the BlueStacks, type in as Shazam and click to search for the app from the Play Store.

Step 6: You will get a list of apps along with the Shazam app. Click on it to download. You will be finally redirected to the Google Play Store and just click on the Install button to begin it.

Step 7: Wait for the Shazam app to finish its downloading and installation on BlueStacks. Go to the App Section of BlueStacks, and you will see Shazam app installed. Click on it to use it on your desktop for free.

You have successfully done with the installation of both the BlueStacks and Shazam for Computer by following the above steps.

A Guide To Use Shazam for Computer | Shazam Desktop

Most of the time we would find it difficult to find the name of the song playing around us, and it is even, more complicated when we aren’t connected to our smartphones. In such a case you can find the track name easily from your desktop computer by following the below steps. Wonder how to make computer listen to the songs? Your query is right because the computer by default will not take the sound to the system, and Shazam won’t hear the songs just like the Shazam smartphone version. There is a way with which you can use Shazam desktop version to listen to the song and name it. Follow the steps below and know how to use Shazam for Computer. Make sure you have closed all the tabs and applications before getting in.

Step 1: In the bottom right corner of your desktop screen you could see the speaker icon. Just do a right-click and choose the option Recording Devices.

Step 2: A pop-up window named Sound appears which lists the microphone and other sound input devices you have connected. By default, you cannot see the disabled devices and for which you have to right-click on the blank space. Now you should click on Show Disabled Devices.

Shazam for Computer

Shazam for Computer

Step 3: Now do a right-click on the option Stereo Mix and choose for the Enable. If you are about to use the microphone, then you can choose the Microphone option.

Step 4: Again you must right-click to choose Set as Default Device. At last, you must choose Set as Default Communications Device by right-clicking and click on Ok.

Shazam for Computer

Shazam for Computer

Step 5: Open the BlueStacks and launch the Shazam app from the Apps Section. Go to Windows and play a song.

Step 6: Now go to Shazam app and click on the Shazam to listen to the song.

Step 7: Shazam for Computer will analyze its database and lists the song, name, artists, and more in detail.

Note: Those who don’t want to go with the third-party emulators can go to Shazam Online or Shazam for Windows PC or Shazam for Mac and follow the steps 1 to 3 to make the desktop listen to the songs.

Features of Shazam – A Quick Recall

  • Shazam operates in the background, identify specific songs playing and name that tune at a moment’s notice.
  • Instant and seamless access to all the music that makes up the world around you.
  • One-click access to lyrics, music videos, artists concert, album reviews, and artist biographies
  • Just follow the artists you love inside the Shazam and be the first among all to hear what they are discovering.
  • Discover like never before and share them always on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.
  • Stay in the loop and be updated with the Shazam’s real-time charts.
  • Shazam runs quietly behind the scenes, and you could effortlessly find it, share it or buy it.

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Screenshots of Shazam for Computer

Shazam for Computer

Shazam for Computer

Shazam for Computer

Shazam for Computer

Shazam for Computer

Shazam for Computer

Shazam for Computer

Shazam for Computer

Shazam for Computer

Shazam for Computer

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